Tennis Diagram & Scoring
*Server's Score is always said first.
*First point is always served to the deuce side — the server gets two chances to serve the ball in the appropriate box.
*Second point is played to the ad side, etc.
*1st point is called 15.
*2nd point is called 30.
*3rd point is called 40.
*4th point is called game.
*You must win a game by a margin of two points.
*40 – 40 is called deuce, and a player must win the next two points to win that game.
*The point after deuce is called advantage, either to the server or receiver. The point after an advantage will either be game or back to deuce.
*You must win six games by two to win a set
*Switch sides of the court after every odd game
*Play a tiebreaker at 6 – 6 in games.

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Tennis Tips

How To Choose The Right Racket

The tennis staff at SR&FC is eager to work with your junior player – all levels and abilities are encouraged to enroll. The program at SR&FC is a USTA Certified local Excellence Training program providing a complete and premier tennis learning experience. The professional staff is led by Tennis Director, Ross Graham, a certified USPTA PRO 1 and instructor for over 20 years.

The Velasco Tennis Center serves as the headquarters for district wide tennis operations including an indoor pro-shop where tennis enthusiasts can purchase tennis equipment and apparel. The Velasco Tennis Center also contains six courts with lights, six courts without lights and a platform tennis court as well. The Velasco Tennis Center opens each year during the first weekend in May.

We are proud to have the most comprehensive offering of youth tennis programs in the Decatur area. Also included is tennis-specific fitness training to help your young athlete stay on top of his or her game. If you sign up for a tennis clinic(s), you will also be allowed to participate at no additional cost in a tennis specific off-court program with one of our fitness trainers. Please contact Cory Sandgren at 217-423-7020 or for more information.